Women’s Officer Report 2017

I have attended the National Women’s Conference in Liverpool last year.

I have held small local meetings with women members, encouraging women to campaign for female candidates. I’ve developed a funding proposal – submitted to the ‘National Executive’s Development Committee’ – to highlight the damage that has been done over the years by vicious and unnecessary cuts to essential services that continue to threaten the health, safety and wellbeing of so many of our communities throughout Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. It will also provide PR opportunities and case studies that can be used across the Labour Party Website and identify – and offer training – to potential women candidates for local offices. Over the past year, I have developed alliances with the Suffolk Feminist Society Network and the Ipswich Labour Party Women’s Officer. I hope to continue to work closely with them in the future. I strongly believe that the more women’s voices are raised and heard, the better off our Party, and our country, will be.

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