Renewal of Trident

We voted to:

Oppose Renewal of Trident

Points considered in the debate include:

For renewal:
Trident is essential as a deterrent.
Multilateral disarmament is the only basis upon which Trident could be abandoned.
Trident renewal is essential to protect jobs.
Trident ensures that the UK ‘punches above its weight’ and guarantees a ‘place at the top table’.

Against renewal:
Trident is a weapon of mass destruction that is designed to kill millions of innocent civilians. If ever used, all is lost anyhow.
If the UK renews its nuclear capability, it will have to be prepared to prevent other countries developing their own independent capability.
Trident is not ‘independent’ and is simply a payment from the UK to the military budget of the US.
The lifetime cost of Trident (£150bn) is money that should be spent on other priorities.

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