National Campaign Day – 25 November

We were out and about  – despite the freezing temperatures!- in Kesgrave, Framlingham and Debenham.

Shoppers are getting used to us being around and about every couple of months. Labour supporters comment on how pleased they are to see us. Many people stop to talk about national and local issues, whether they are committed supporters or not.  We distributed national leaflets about the impact of Conservative policies on wages and household incomes, and Labour’s alternatives. And we had a local leaflet asking questions about the impact of planned hospital mergers.

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National Campaign Day – 30th September

Picking up on Jeremy Corbyn’s conference theme of Labour offering a different, optimistic vision for the UK, members gave out leaflets and chatted to people in Framlingham, Debenham and Kesgrave on Saturday morning.  We also listened to their concerns about the possible merger of services between Ipswich and Colchester hospitals.

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All-member meetings 4-8 September

We held four meetings open to all members around the constituency this week – in Claydon & Barham; Otley; Stradbroke; and Kesgrave.

We discussed Labour’s policy on our relationship with the EU in the long term; and how to fund social care. We also discussed the role of local members and constituencies in shaping Labour Party  democracy. These issues are likely to arise at the annual LP Conference later this month.


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National Campaign Day 1st July

Members were in shopping centres around the constituency today, giving out leaflets and talking to passers-by. The Conservatives are clinging on to power and hoping to pursue their programme of cuts to services, despite losing their mandate on June 8th, propped up by the DUP.   We’ve been drawing attention to Labour’s alternative agenda around the Constituency.  Just some of the people out in Framlingham are pictured below. Meanwhile other local members were off in London joining the anti-austerity demonstration

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Campaigning in Debenham 3rd June

Local members came out to campaign with Elizabeth Hughes on Saturday morning in Debenham. They had good conversations with shoppers – and an interesting exchange of views with local resident by the name of Gummer ! The local fire service were out recruiting – a chance for mutual support.

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Meet the candidates – June 2nd

On Friday 2 June Elizabeth Hughes was joined by Cameron Matthews (Suffolk Coastal Labour candidate) at the Millenium Hall Kesgrave for a ‘Meet the Candidate’ Q&A public meeting.  They discussed Housing, Flooding, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and the NHS. Despite the competing attraction of the leaders’ Question Time on television, local people came along to find out more about Labour’s policies on these key issues.

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BBC Radio Suffolk Tuesday 30th May

CSNI Labour candidate Elizabeth Hughes was on Radio Suffolk this morning, just after 8a.m. She was along side Conservative candidate Dan Poulter, talking about Social Care, and reflecting on last night’s Party Leaders’ TV appearances.  You can listen to her on the catch up service.

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Knocking on doors in Kesgrave, Saturday 27th

Three groups of members went knocking on doors around Bell Lane this morning – once the thunderstorm had passed through!  (We found ourselves sheltering from the storm alongside Dan Poulter and his team in the local coffee shop.)  A wide range of issues came up on the doorstep – pensions, wages and employment rights, the NHS, immigration…  As well some solid Labour support, we also found a fair amount of indecision, and mistrust of the Conservatives, with some former supporters seriously considering Labour this time.

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Campaigning resumes – in Eye – on Friday 26th

Shoppers at the two co-ops in Eye had a chance to talk to Labour candidate Elizabeth Hughes this morning. A number of local members came along to support her and talk to voters too.

Elizabeth Hughes and just some of the CSNI members who joined her campaigning in Eye today

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Fressingfield Hustings 25 May

The Parish Council hosted a hustings event on Thursday evening. It was addressed by Labour’s Elizabeth Hughes, Liberal Democrat Aiden Van Der Weyer, and Green candidate Regan Scott.  Conservative Dan Poulter sent a written statement.

Candidates, and chair Garry Deeks, at the public hustings Fressingfield Primary School

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